Philips/Magnavox D6800 restoration

D6800 shall never win any Beauty Contest: it is just too big and chunky. It was designed for portable use, and all 6xAA (!) batteries should be loaded inside the player.

As already mentioned here, D-6800 has one of the most powerful headphone amplitiers among Discmans. Officially it is rated as 20mW into 32Ohm, but my own tests show the same numbers as for Sony D-50MkII and Technics SL-XP5 which are  rated at 30mW/32Ohm.

Bad news: absolutely ALL D6800 are dead by now…

A few months ago I managed to get Magnavox D6800 in perfect working condition. It  lasted for exactly one play, at the end of CD laser mechanism failed to return to the center of the disc.

Post-mortem examination revealed that laser sled gear, made from the infamous translucent Philips plastic, has turned to jelly and its teeth got shaved off

I mentioned this minor disaster to some of my audio friends and a few days ago I received a link to a new gear, which is an exact substitute for the failed one: D6800 Gear

Here it is, with failed gear on the left:

And the final result looks pretty solid!

Imagine Dragons is my favorite CD to test power output of an amplifier: it is so compressed (check LoudnessWar database) that can be used instead of  0dB test-track.  Real shame BTW, I like what these kids are doing. On the bright side, if someone wants to “prove” that D6800 sounds as good as $10k+ CD player, all he has to do is to use this CD for the test