The most beautiful Discman in the World. Loewe CD-100

Here is the Snow White:


It must have been kept in storage until the grease got stiff, then played… once! Sled gears were immediately broken and so the Sleeping Beauty was packed and stashed away for a few decades…. then posted on eBay.  I was the one who bought this beautiful paperweight.  


getting in:


broken sled gears:

3D-printed gears:

Another problem: rubber surround on CD puck got gooey and totally disintegrated:

while protecting the lid from scratches and Naphta lacquer thinner, rubber goo gets scrubbed off:

New vinyl surround applied:


It flies thru all the tests, plays skip-test CD without a glitch. Here is a test of its headphone power output:and at its peak:

30mA into 36.3Ohm, we have over 30mW of power here! Very few Discmans reach these levels: Sony D-50MkII, D-100, Technics SL-XP5, a few Philips portables